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Butterfly Lapbook



Most of the minit books you see are found in the Hands of a Child Butterfly Project Pack. This book was not what you’d expect from HOAC, though. There were three spelling erros…the same graphics were used for multiple activities (the minit books aren’t nearly as varied as they normally are), and you had to make most of your own minit books (templates weren’t provided). However, Elijah loves his finished book, so maybe it was worth the investment! 

2 Responses to Butterfly Lapbook

  • cahanbury says:

    I admit it, I am ignorant. I had never heard of lapbooks until I got on HSB. I did bookmark a website to go back to so I can learn more. I just saw your post and this is so gorgeous! I love it!

  • JanieJJ says:

    I just spoke to one of the ladies hat HOAC about a week ago and they are putting out an updated copy of their Butterfly lapbook real soon! From what I understand they are going to upgrade all of their old units and when they do if you already own the old one you can get the new version at a discount! I love the ladies at HOAC! They are so customer oriented!

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