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co-op capers

Little Builders Co-op Class

Little Builders Preschool Homeschool Co-op Class

Looking for a fun preschool class that will keep them learning, busy, and having fun? Little Builders fits all three categories!

Little Builder's Co-op Class

We started every class with a book about building. Here was our line-up:

Week 1: I Want to Be a Builder

Week 2: Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Week 3: The Toolbox

Week 4: Roadwork

Week 5: Cross a Bridge

Week 6: Alphabet Under Construction

Week 7: Dig a Tunnel

Week 8: Building a House, This Is the House That Jack Built

Week 9: The Three Little Pigs

Week 10: Into the Sky

Weeks 11-12: Review favorites 

Little Builder's Co-op Class

Each week had a theme and after reading and discussing the story, we would start on our activities. I tried to link as many of the activities as possible in the class syllabus

Little Builders Preschool Homeschool Co-op Class

Little Builder's Co-op Class

Additional Notes:

For sanding the blocks, you can probably get some scrap wood pieces at a hardware store for free.

Lowe's also provided our child-sized hammers for free; we just had to ask.

We pre-drilled holes for using the screwdriver, but the children used a real screwdriver with a real screw.

Little Builder's Co-op Class

Paint Roller Letter Game: Draw large letters on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. Give each child a wet-with-water paint roller and let them wash off the letters as you call out the letter names.

We didn't make our big tunnel out of boxes. We used a table and blankets instead (easier!).

The following snacks: brick houses, melon towers, party sandwiches, and cubed cake sculptures were all found in Cooking Art, a fantastic recipe book for kids. 

Little Builder's Co-op Class

Always have different kinds of blocks on hand in case you have extra time. The kids LOVED simply building with blocks! We brought in Duplo, wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, Kid K'nex, etc. 

The cost of this class should probably be $20 and not $15. 

I have a Let's Build It! board on Pinterest where I pinned many of the ideas for this class, and where I continue to pin other preschool building fun! 

Little Builder's Co-op Class

Crazy Kid Concoctions Co-op Class

Crazy Kid Concoctions Homeschool Co-op Class

This is a class I taught last spring (2013) for grades1st-4th. In order to keep my classes on the small side (important for this one), I taught it to two different groups of kids, two different hours. It's messy; it's fun. It's kids getting a chance to make their own craft supplies and more!

Unfortunately, I can't find any photos of this class. Maybe I found one. I should post it for evidence that I really did teach this one. Here. Oh. Maybe I found two (of our corn syrup paintings).

Corn Syrup Paintings

Anyway, as cute as those kids are, the photos aren't what's important. I can still give you the meat and bones. You can grab the syllabus by clicking on the image below.

Crazy Kid Concoctions Co-op Class Syllabus

Our favorite things to make were the coffee dough habitats, sidewalk chalk, dinosaur digs, and plastic sun catchers (we still have ours in a window!). The Kool-Aid Play-doh and the shrinky dinks were also a hit. If I were to teach this class again, I would include all of the above.

And, just because I like you, I'm going to recommend finding replacements for the bouncy balls and the homemade stickers (Can anyone say wet-dog-smell and dry-heaving? Yuck!)

All the ideas for this class are linked up on my Crazy Kid Concoctions Pinterest Board. You will find some additional ideas there, too. 

Crazy Kid Concoctions Pinterest Board

American Girls Co-op Class

American Girls Homeschool Co-op Class

My sweet and smart friend, Brandy, created and taught this class last fall. Our co-op ran 12 weeks, so she chose four American Girl dolls and decided to focus on each one for three weeks. 

Each week, the girls were encouraged to go home and read one book about the featured doll. During the tea parties, the girls would discuss the books they read. The girls also completed the Where in the World? map mini-books for each doll as part of their history weeks.

Week 1: History Week
Learn about the founding fathers. Were they founders or traitors

Week 2: Craft Week
Make hornbooks (from plastic cutting boards at the Dollar Tree) and quill pens.

Week 3: Tea Party
Gingerbread cake, apple-butter, and tea.

Felicity Craft: Hornbook

Week 4: History Week
Santa Fe Trail and Pueblo Indians

Week 5: Craft Week
Make cornhusk dolls

Week 6: Tea Party
Mexican hot chocolate and biscochitos

American Girl Co-op Class

Week 7: History Week
Jewish Emigrants and Immigrants? 

Week 8: Craft Week

Week 9: Tea Party
Challah and pomegranates juice* 
​We were blessed to have a Russian Jew guest speaker come to our tea!
*The Jews believed that each seed in the pomegranate represented a law.

American Girl Class: Rebecca (crafting menorahs)

Kit Kittredge
Week 10: History Week
The Great Depression

Week 11: Craft Week
(Recycled Project) Cereal Box Beads

Week 12: Tea Party
Poor Man's Cake and Kool-Aid

American Girl Class: Kit's Tea