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Elijah’s Kindergarten Lapbooks

Homophones Lapbook

After reading and rowing Truman’s Aunt Farm, Elijah wanted to learn all about homonyms/homophones…so, we did! 

We put the lyrics to the silly song with Larry on the cover. 

Inside of the lapbook – I left a workspace open (bottom center) for the which word cards and the puzzle matching.

Matchbooks with definitions – find on the Misc. Minit Book Page at HSS

Puzzle matching- also found on the Misc. Minit Book Page at HSS 

Which Word Cards- you can use a dry erase marker on these


Charlie Caterpillar Homophones Game found at Homeschool Share

We made a back pocket to store more handy-dandy stuff!  Here is a video to help you figure that out

More Resources
Matching Cards
Which Word Cards
Be sure to check out the book-  How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear?  It’s great!