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Dog Family Lapbook

While studying desert, Elijah decided he really wanted to start his own Dog Family Lapbook (inspired by coyote).  He wants to include various foxes, wolves, and breeds of dogs. 

I did not want to design a Dog Family Lapbook.  I decided I would just give him the tools he needed to do it himself.  I put the Lapbook Reference book, some pictures, some printed information, scissors, double-stick tape, colored pencils, colored paper, etc. all in a workbox for him.  

I think he’s worked on this four times.  He sits for an hour (or longer) and just reads and reads and works and works.   I stay far, far away from this project as I let him make all the choices.    Yes, I give him the tools…then I step away.    If he needs something, he asks (and let me tell you- he is very specific and picky!). 

Here are some shots of the inside of his book (yes, another Bare Book!).  I didn’t take pictures of every minit book or every picture, but you will get a good sampling.

Arctic Wolf Page

About Dholes (Do you know that the Dhole is in the Dog Family?  Do you know what a Dhole is?!)

Raccoon Dog

Bat-eared Fox

Arctic Fox

He has a list of twenty-some "dogs" he wants in the book.  I will update once he thinks he is finished! 
Happy Lapbooking!

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