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Shades of Color

Friday is here and so is your fifth installment for preschool activity bags. 

Supplies Needed:

  • paint chip cards- the ladder kind are the best size for this (you will need cards for pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow; you will need FIVE different shades for each).  If you choose the ladder kind of cards, you will only need 5-10 cards.  
  • magnet strips (optional)
  • color graph printed on cardstock (laminate for durability, if desired)
  • gallon sized Ziploc bag

1. Print the graph.

2. Cut it out so it will easily slide into your Ziploc bag.  

3. Cut paint chips down to size so they will fit on the graph.

4. Laminate the chips, if desired.  

5. Add small magnet pieces to the backs of the chips, if you like.  I do this so that my son can place the graph on a cookie sheet and then add the chips.  They "stick" which makes it a little bit more fun (and less frustrating) for my son.  

6. Put everything (25 paint chips and graph) in your Ziploc bag and attach label with packing tape.

This activity introduces simple graphing skills as well as visual discrimination skills.  It also helps your little student understand that one color comes in a variety of shades.   An older student could even put the chips in order based on gradation (from the lightest shade to the darkest shade). 

18 Responses to Shades of Color

  • Mrs. Hewett says:

    Thank you so much for these great activity bag ideas this week! You have really helped jumpstart my own creative juices. I find I need to modify many activities for my visually-impaired, special needs son and you helped me jump “out of the box” and get thinking. Please share any new ideas you come up with in the future – they’re great!


    Mrs. H

  • Patti says:

    Great idea…reminds me of a Montessori exercise! I’m thinking of using velcro dots instead of magnets…so it can be used without the cookie sheet.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Ely says:

    What a great week of idea you hav given us!! I have those same frogs at home and lots of foam shapes pieces so I will be working on preparing those 2 activities this weekend for Noah to use. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sheena says:

    I just found your blog yesterday and I love that you’re sharing your ideas for activity bags. Thank you.

  • Aimee says:

    I’m enjoying your posts on preschool bags, we did an exchange this last year and they’ve been great for Joshua. Are you making up bags in addition to the ones that are in the preschool activity in a bag idea books? I’m rather amazed at what you accomplish! And I’m looking forward to what you are putting together for the ABC’s. With our little one at 5 months now and a first and third grader, I just can’t find any time to make up more things for preschool Joshua. I’m still so thankful for all of the resources at hss…hope you guys are doing well!

  • Aimee says:

    Sorry Ami, that was meant to be “a m i”, not “a m y”!

  • admin says:

    Hey Aimee,

    No problem about the spelling. :)

    I did make these ideas up on my own. I am in preschool activity bag land. I have been taking my notebook with me in the car (while Jason is driving, of course) and writing down all my ideas.

    Don’t be amazed at what I accomplish, though. You should see my dining room table…wait a minute…I can’t even see it. ;)

    I hope to start posting the Read to Me ABC thing next week! I have four weeks done with pictures– just need to get the blog posts written up!

    And, as always, you are so welcome! :) Ami

  • Laura says:

    I am enjoying your new blog and LOVING the activities in a bag posts! Thank you for sharing.

  • Erin says:

    I LOVE this idea Ami!! Thank you SO much for sharing. This will be a great activity for all my kids to do… once I get around to putting it together ;) LOL!

  • Robin says:

    Oh, this is my favorite idea so far, but not for a preschool bag. I am thinking it would be a great resource to mix and match colors when designing things.
    Fun, fun.
    BTW, I like all the other ideas too. I am going to start making up bags so I will have some ready to go when I have little company.
    And I like your new website. How are you liking it compared to HSB?

  • Shannon says:

    Love your new blog, Amy! Thanks for sharing your terrific preschool baggie ideas. I’ll be adding some of these to our baggy box. :)

  • I just recently stumbled across your web site (maybe when searching for workboxes?) and wanted to say I LOVE it! You have great ideas, great pics, and a fun blog! Thanks for sharing.

    What ages do you recommend the preschool activities for? At what age do you think kids can start these activities? I have a two year old, and also homeschool my 9 & 6 yo. I have never done much for preschool, though, so I love these ideas!

  • Honey says:

    I love this idea. Thank you for sharing.

  • Diana says:

    I love this idea! I can’t wait to put one together for my kiddos. Thanks.

  • Janet says:

    Have used so many of your ideas and appreciate your sharing them. They have been a refresher for me!!

  • Wendi Sands says:

    I love this! I was planning to do this with “shades of red” in one column and “not shades of red in another with a piece of paper folded hotdog style. Thanks for this upgrade!!

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