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Friday Fun School

Amazing Science! TOS Review

Do your kids enjoy science experiments? Mine do. And we've done our fair share over the years. But I'm going to be honest and admit—I always dreaded explaining the behind-the-scenes science of the experiment. I would stumble, fumble, and bumble things up, and wonder if my children were really understanding the hows and whys.

That changed last week when we tried Amazing Science! We completed four engaging experiments: Matchstick Speedboat, Reversing an Image in Water, Floating Eggs, and Building a Motor. 

The instructor on the DVD not only demonstrates the experiment, he also gives clear and comprehensive scientific explanations for the experiments (which makes me hip-hop-hooray happy!).

How it Worked for Us

My boys watched both DVDs and each chose two experiments to try. Elijah made supply lists for each experiment. I added the necessary items to my grocery list, and purchased them.

On experiment day, the boys viewed the experiments again. After watching one, they would come to the dining room, find the supplies necessary, and complete the experiment. 

Every experiment was a success. Yes, you read that right. 

Are the Supplies Crazy?

The majority of the items we used for our four experiments were household items (eggs, salt, pepper, dish soap, marker, paper, screw, battery, etc.) and I only had to purchase a few (wire and magnet).

The other experiments on the DVD seem to be pretty consistent–mostly household items with a few you'll need to outsource. 

Are These DVDs Really Amazing?

Yes. Really. Amazing. Last week Simon (my five-year-old) was playing with his magnet bin for the first time (just a box with a magnetic wand, ring magnets, and other things he's collected to put in there). He was showing me his tricks and instructed, "Mom, these two won't stick. They are negative-negative or positive-positive." I responded with a, "Oh, did daddy teach you that?"  Simon shook his head no. I probed, "How did you know?" He exclaimed, "That science guy!" And then I knew it was Amazing Science. 

Is There Anything You Didn't Like?

Not really. I just wished there was a printable master supply list, so I made one. You can download it here.

The only other thing I wish is that there were more volumes of Amazing Science!

Get Your Own

You can buy Amazing Science! Volume 1 for $19.95. You get two DVDs with 23 experiments. 


Read what other crew members are saying about Amazing Science on the TOS blog.


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Amazing Science Volume I in exchange for an honest review.

Fun School Friday

Last week's Fun School Friday was simple.

Elijah took on an old LEGO Quest: the micro-scale challenge.

The boys also played some games together (Guess Who? and LEGO Minotaurus)

But, as you can see, the main attraction was Bouncing Bubbles.

To make this a tad more educational, the boys watched a few of Steve Spangler's videos. 

Are you adding any fun to your school week? Link up with Marcy at Ben and Me! 


Finding Perimeter and Area with LEGO

Elijah needs more practice with perimeter and area.
Elijah loves LEGO.
Put the two together, and you get finding perimeter and area with LEGO. 

Finding Perimeter and Area with LEGO from Walking by the Way

First, I grabbed various LEGO building plates.

Then I gave each plate a number.

Then I reviewed area and perimeter with Elijah and gave him these printable pages to work through.

Finding Perimeter and Area with LEGO from Walking by the Way

Download Printable Pages for LEGO Area and Perimeter

Success! He is enjoying math. 

I love when LEGO makes all the difference!

Does your student enjoy LEGO, too? Find more ideas for LEGO Education on my LEGO Learning Page and on my LEGO School Pinterest Board.