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The Jar

I'm trying. Hard. 

Trying to simplify things around here. 

You already read about my ridiculously simple lunch idea (that I heart so much).

Here is another ridiculously simple idea. For school. For Simon.

I printed out math ideas (red), writing-fine motor ideas (yellow), and learning to read ideas (green). 

I cut them up and stuffed them in a jar.

Each day, Simon picks one of each color from the jar and completes the activities. 

I told you it was simple.

It helps me to remember to use all these fun tools we have around here! It also gives Simon lots of variety and adds a bit of fun and mystery. 

My criteria for the activities is that they are already prepared, so I don't run around like a crazy-homeschooling-woman-with-my-head-cut-off. Been there. Done that.

Anyone want to know what's in the jar?

Math Activities
Camelot Junior
Animal Rummy Game
Color Sudoku
Pick a Puzzle
Pattern Play
Tangoes Junior 
Memory Game
Geo Board
Can You Remember? (this came from a Preschool Activity Bag swap)

Pre-Reading & Reading Activities
ABC Tic-Tac-Toe
Spelling Puzzles
Roll, Say, Keep
Stamping Words
Hot Dots Jr. Ace with Beginning Phonics Cards
Learning Palette (Usborne) with Alphabet, Beginning Sounds, and Rhyming Words Cards
Word Hunt
Hidden Cards
Run, Read, and Run
B or D? game (this came from a Preschool Activity Bag swap)
Highlights Hidden Picture Books
Play-doh Spelling 

Writing Activities
HWOT Alphabet Cards (scroll down)
Kumon Mazes
Sand Box Writing
Slate Writing (HWOT)
++these Ideas