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Ten Things You Should Know {About Our Adoption}

This post was due yesterday. Top Ten Tuesday. I feel like the white rabbit from Alice's adventure–late. Actually, I feel more like the Mad Hatter, but we'll save that post for another day. 

Not only am I tardy, I'm also cheating. The topic was supposed to be 10 Things About Me You Should Know. Yawn. So, let's chat about adoption instead. Here are some of the FAQs along with their answers. 

1. Why Colombia?

  • We can adopt siblings.

  • We meet the marriage, age, and income guidelines.

  • International adoptions have been occurring in Colombia for 30+ years with consistency and lack of corruption.  

  • 577,000 orphans in Colombia (in 2010) needing forever families.

  • Only one trip is required. 

2. Siblings? Are you serious?

Yes. We are dead-dog serious. Right now we are requesting two siblings, ages 0-6. The possibility of adopting three siblings has been the talk of the house for the past month, but we are settled (for now) with our request for two. As time goes on, we might change our request, but God will have to be really clear on that one. You can read our updated answer to this question!

3. How are you going to fit two more children in your house?

We know that 1,200 square feet isn't huge, but all four of us are agreed that we have plenty of room to share! 

4. What do the boys think about adoption?

They are excited. When I ask them what they are thankful for each day, Simon always pipes up with a, "I'm thankful for the kids we are going to adopt!" Elijah claims that he will be more than happy to boss two more siblings around (and I think he's only half-joking). 

5. How long do you think the process will take?

The short answer: no one knows.

The long answer:
We are hoping and praying that our dossier will be ready to be submitted in December. We're at the mercy of a lot of other people (who probably don't have the same crazed urgency we have). Once our dossier is submitted, it will be translated. Then we wait.

Right now the referral time for siblings ages 0-6 years old is 30 months. Things are backed up in Colombia right now, though, and it could be longer. After referral and all that jazz, we should (hardy har-har for those of you who've ridden the international adoption ride and know what I mean by should) get to travel within 8 weeks. Then our estimated time in Colombia is another 8 weeks. Then home. 

But God is writing this story . . . not us. And we really don't know what the time frame will look like.

6. Girls? Boys?

We don't know. We don't care. We could get two girls, a girl and a boy, or two boys! 

7. Where are you in the process?

We are making our way through the hoop jumping, red taping obstacle course. Right now our home study is being written, and we are also gathering documents for our dossier. 

8. How much have you spent thus far and on what?

  • Agency Application = $300
  • Birth Certificates & Marriage Licenses = about $100 (seriously.on.birth.certs.)
  • Physicals, blood work, TB tests = $40
  • Home Study by Gateway Woods = $1,826
  • Psychological Evaluations by Gateway Woods = $950
  • Adoption Education Materials (mandatory)  = $300
  • Home Study Approval (by agency) = $300
  • Passports and Extra Photos = $350
  • Fingerprinting for FBI Clearance (local fee and FBI fee) = $56

9. What costs have not been paid?

  • Program Fee #1 = $3,500 (due at time dossier is submitted) PAID
  • Colombia Processing Fees for Dossier = $900 PAID
  • US CIS I-800A = $890 PAID
  • Program Fee #2 (due when approved in Colombia) = $3,500 PAID
  • Home Study Update = $850 (if needed at the 24 month mark)
  • Colombia Processing Fees #2 (when referral is accepted) = $900 + $275 per child for visa = $1,725
  • Post Placement Report Deposit = $750
  • Post Placement Reports from Gateway Woods (plus translation fees) = $1,100
  • Travel (to, from, and in Colombia) and Lodging (for all seven of us) = estimate $18,000 (be anxious for nothing, be anxious for nothing . . .)
  • Medical costs in Colombia (exams, vaccinations, TB x-rays, if needed, etc.) up to $900
  • Attorney and Interpreter in Colombia = $1,800
  • Re-adoption in Our State = unsure

10. Girl, that is a LOT of money. How are you guys going to finance this?

By the grace of God.

When we started (first week of May), we had enough to pay the application fee. As you can see, we've paid about $4,400. That means $4,100 came from somewhere. $4,100 that we did NOT have. God has been good. Friends and family helped us raise $1,300 by selling bracelets. We've had friends donate. We've had Homeschool Share fans donate. We decided to offer advertising spots on Homeschool Share to generate some extra income. We've cut back on a few things (maybe a future post). I started selling cookies every week at our local Farmer's Market. Copywork for Future Heroes has brought in some income, and all the affiliate monies from this blog and Homeschool Share go straight to our adoption fund. I sold a bunch of books and curriculum we weren't using and raffled off The Giraffe That Walked to Paris. We have two more raffles coming up soon (one next week!).

We are so blessed and humbled and overwhelmed by all that people have done for us already. We have a long way to go, though, and we hope you will stick with us for our entire story! 

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7 Responses to Ten Things You Should Know {About Our Adoption}

  • I am so excited to be able to follow your story! We have talked about adoption and will hopefully start the process after the first of the year. God put it in my husband’s heart, BIG TIME! It isn’t something I ever had considered until now. What an adventure! Thanks for your blog!
    Emily @CreativeDisaster recently posted..See The LightMy Profile

  • Amelia says:

    We live in Colombia, we are a homeschooler family, you can stay in our house if you want. Write to my mail address if you are interest, that maybe save you some money.
    It helps all of us, we practice our not so good english with you guys.


  • Traveling internationally can be really expensive. Last time we went to Brazil (my native country) was in 2005. We only had to pay for 3 tickets, because my baby boy was 4 months old. Well, we have 4 kids now, we haven’t been to Brazil since. It would cost 12,000 dollars plus just in airplane tickets!!!

    As for your adoption…. God will provide. He is faithful!! :)
    tereza crump aka MyTreasuredCreations recently posted..My latest Custom Order: Dominic’s AlbumMy Profile

  • Ashley Leming says:

    I love what you said about the money coming from somewhere, and it was money that you did NOT have. That’s exactly how we were when we dove into the adoption process with Devin. We knew God had led us there and had no clue how we were going to do it but knew where He led us, He would provide…and He did! We have honestly no idea where they money came from, as odd as that sounds (and I am our finance person in our marriage, so if anyone would know our budget it would be me!), we just know that every time we had to pay for something (adoption-related or normal bills), the money was there every single time. God is certainly amazing, and I can’t wait to see how He continues to grow your family!! :)

  • Michele says:

    What an incredibly courageous act of faith in God. My heart beats faster when I read your posts about your family’s HIStory ;). Thank you so much for giving the breakdown of the cost (financial and emotional). I have always wondered, but never knew (just heard it was so expensive). It also helps me pray for ‘x’ amount for such and such 😉 It is wonderful that you are adopting siblings. I’ve heard and read that the adjustment for the adopted child is much easier when they have a family member that shares their new experience, as well as their background.

    Wait for the Lord’s help.
    Be strong and brave, and wait for the Lord’s help.
    Psalm 27:14 ERV

  • Stephenie Jordan says:

    God has his hand on all of this and I cannot wait to see His plan fall into place! We are so happy for you guys!

  • MT Hare says:

    I’m sure I haven’t explored your website enough. Perhaps the answer is there! But, why not a sibling group waiting for a family in your state?

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