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Incredible Creeks & Printable Power

These week I'm offering some free printables that go along with NaturExplorer's Incredible Creeks study. We love these nature studies! 

Four days of creek adventures
Three different creeks
Two curious boys
One fearless father
It all adds up to real learning

A favorite moment was finding a salamander larva. We also brought home a crawdad and some minnows for a 48 hour observation, but the most-est fun was just being down at the creek.Together.

Simon sketches the objects he sees floating in the creek. 


Waiting and watching . . . Elijah kept track of every animal (or animal sign) we found:

Animals at the Creek
water strider
yellow jacket wasp
salamander (larva)
blue gill
other fish
toad (dead – ew!)
freshwater clams
beaver (tracks)
sand piper (tracks)
muskrat (tracks)
weasel (tracks)


Trying to identify various insects found on or in the water. 

Making little nut boats and getting ready for the big race! 

Learning about the creek's food chain.

So many animal tracks!

Hunting Crawdads


What else can we find?

You can download the {extra} printables to go with the NaturExplorer's unit by clicking on the picture below. 

Before Handwriting {collection of ideas}

Fine Motor Activities to Promote Handwriting Readiness from Walking by the Way

This week I've blogged about pre-writing activities. Here is a small compilation of ideas from around the web and links back to my posts as well.

Check out Amy's blog post about Paint Bag Writing. We have one of these; Simon happily doodles with a q-tip and dances with his fingers on his paint bag writing tablet. 

I also love Amy's Rainbow Writing idea. Simple and effective! You could use basic shapes or strokes before letters and numbers.

If your kiddo likes Play-doh (who doesn't?), check out Jolanthe's Playdough Mats.

This Chalkboard Painting idea from Forest Rose is genius. 

Don't forget to print my pre-writing pages.

Try making some Simple Stencils

Your kiddo will love Sandbox Writing!

For even more before handwriting ideas, browse my Pinterest board

Sandbox Writing {and free printable cards!}

Free Printable Cards for Sandbox Writing from Walking by the Way. A great activity for preschoolers working on handwriting readiness.

Here is another pre-handwriting activity for your kiddo: Sandbox Writing.

Free Sandbox Writing Cards from Walking by the Way

I've seen this same idea (sandbox and cards) for alphabet writing, but I wanted something for Simon to help him practice basic handwriting strokes and shapes. 

Sandbox Writing Activity with Free Printable Cards from Walking by the Way

I created a set of 28 cards for him to use with the sandbox. You can snag your own set below. Be sure to laminate the cards for extra durability.

Download your FREE set of Sandbox Writing Cards

This is pure {pre-alphabet writing} fun! 

For even more before handwriting ideas, browse my Pinterest board