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Candy School {revisited}

I'm in process of making a Candy Kindergarten Kit for Homeschool Share. It's not ready to be posted yet, but I wanted to share one of the activities in case any of you are turning your extra candy into an educational experience!

Also, don't miss my Candy School posts (there are two!) from a few years ago. Printables for science experiments, copywork, and other fun ideas are included! 

Got Candy? (Part 1)

Many of us probably have a stash of candy right about now.  Whether it's from trick-or-treating, a harvest party, or well intending grandparents, we have it . . . and we need to find something constructive to do with it. 

Have you considered Candy School?  

Jocelyn posted a link on the Homeschool Share Message boards that got me thinking.  If you can use candy for science, why can't you use it for the other subjects, too? 

So, the wheels kept turning;  I thought up a few ideas and made a few printables.  When I told Elijah we would do candy school for two days, his mouth dropped and his eyes bugged.  I think he was sold.

I filled up six workboxes this morning with some candy related fun.   Here's what Elijah found in his boxes.

Box #1 
fairy tale book & instructions to read Hansel and Gretel

Box #2

candy graph & candy 

Box #3
"If Peas Could Taste Like Candy" poem for copywork.   I left one stanza out (the third) because I couldn't fit all four on the page.  Elijah couldn't stop laughing while copying this one.  

Box #4

Hershey Fraction book & a Hershey bar

Boxes #5-#6 
candy science experiments

We did these two experiments:
1.  Acid Test
2.  Sink or Float

After school was over, I let Elijah hang out at  Wonka Land— creative fun just waiting to happen. 

Tomorrow, I will post Candy School Part 2 along with some additional ideas for you.   Here is a little list of books you could include, if you want.  I haven't read them all, so please preview before using.

Books to Read
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
Shelia Rae's Peppermint Stick by Kevin Henkes
Candy Factory Mystery (Boxcar Children)
Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Fall Fun Days

Regular school takes a back seat this week to make room for fall fun!   

I stole our first few fall fun ideas from Nature Detectives.  

Make Like a Squirrel & Gather Nuts 

We found an oak tree and the boys grabbed up dozens of acorns.  I told them to hide them like squirrels do.  We then went on a walk through the park.  Once we were far away from the hiding place, I asked the boys if they could find the acorns.  They did!  

Leaf Crowns

While on our stroll through the wooded park, the boys collected leaves.  I made bands for each of them out of white poster board before we left home, and I took my stapler on our journey.  As they found leaves they loved, I stapled them to their bands.  By the time we returned home, each boy had a nice crown of leaves.   

Fall Funny Faces
I found this idea last year.  We had so much fun that we decided it should be a repeat.  I guess it’s a tradition in the making!

We took a bag with us to the park and we collected all sorts of fall nature:  berries, pine needles, pine cones, leaves, bark, stones, nuts, etc.  When we returned home, we drew some circles with chalk on the sidewalk and made our faces. 

Salt Dough Leaf Prints
This idea came from That Artist Woman; please visit her blog for complete instructions.  We made the dough & prints on one day.  We painted, washed, and sealed them the next.    

A few tips from me to you for this project- don’t buy cheapy cheap thin leaves like I did (.30 a bunch at Family Dollar); they don’t work super well.  I painted some of the outlines of the leaves for Elijah so he wouldn’t be so frustrated (because they were so hard to see).   Don’t use matte finish Modge Podge.   Don’t be afraid to let your preschooler do the brown wash or the Modge Podge part; they can’t mess up! 

Simon helped me mix up the salt dough. 

kneading and rolling

making the prints

painting with fall colors and a brown wash

Simon painted his ALL orange.  Once we got the brown wash on it, it looked fine (the veins popped out).    I hope to add some magnets to the backs and let them don the front of the fridge.  

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies
It’s not really fall unless the oven is baking a treat, is it?  

We made the dough on one day.  We made the frosting, baked them, and decorated them the next day.