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ice cream

Friday Fun School!

1. LEGO perimeter and area

Elijah needs more practice with perimeter and area. I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I knew it would be perfect for him.

I grabbed various building plates.

And gave them each a number ~

Then I gave Elijah some printable pages to work through.

I love when LEGO makes all the difference. 

2. Bird Nesting Materials

We talked about spring and birds and nests. We cut up a bunch of yarn (my stash was getting kind of CRAZY), and stuffed it in a suet feeder. Now the birds can come pluck a piece. We have lots of nests on our property, and we are hopeful that we'll see some of our colored yarn in some new nests!

Yet another idea from Pinterest!

3. Homemade Ice Cream

This recipe is so easy that a reading child can do it solo.

We topped it off with strawberry lemon sauce.

To make this a little more educational, we read Cocoa Ice.

Linking up with Friday Fun School.