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Butterfly Lapbook



Most of the minit books you see are found in the Hands of a Child Butterfly Project Pack. This book was not what you’d expect from HOAC, though. There were three spelling erros…the same graphics were used for multiple activities (the minit books aren’t nearly as varied as they normally are), and you had to make most of your own minit books (templates weren’t provided). However, Elijah loves his finished book, so maybe it was worth the investment! 

Salamander Room Lapbook

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Lapbook Opened
Left Side:  Nice home for a salamander (list inside shape book), Lifecycle of a Salamander (flap book inside)
Middle:  Cricket Tri-fold, Lifecycle of the Butterfly Envelope book (folded in half), Elijah colored some salamanders to add (and let me tell you…he spent over 20 minutes cutting those out and taping them in just so…I had to leave the room ~lol~), Vertebrates Tab book
Right Side:  Parallel Construction (shape book), Salamander Dictation

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Most of the minit books opened
If you look at the bottom center, you can see what the Vertebrates tab book is like opened up (shows last page).  Elijah colored and glued the correct kinds of animals on each page).

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The flap book (bottom) gets ruined in a lapbook and drives us crazy, so we decided to put it inside a simple book (a folded piece of paper). 

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We read a lot of different books this week about amphibians and salamanders.  Elijah was even able to tell his Nana on Saturday about the differences between reptiles and amphibians!   Above is his salamander dictation to me (I type like a secretary as he speaks).  

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Inside the cricket minit book, we glued a diagram of a cricket (from Enchanted Learning) after Elijah colored it.  He told me what to write in the book.

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This is the envelope book with one part opened.  He drew pictures for each stage.  He wanted the larva flap to say larve AND caterpillar, so he asked me to write it on his caterpillar. 

A very busy (but fun) week with The Salamander Room; we are ready for a nice, light week of butterfly books and a pre-made lapbook from HOAC! 

P.S. All the templates for this lapbook are available at Homeschool Share

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