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Dive Into Diversity ~ TOS Review

Wouldn't it be amazing to dive into the ocean and take an underwater tour?
You can! Take an under the sea field trip with Ocean Annie as your tour guide when you watch Dive Into DiversityDive Into Diversity is a 45 minute educational video that introduce students to a wild wonderful world in the ocean. 
It's divided into eight chapters:
  • Night Diving on the Reef
  • Dive Into Diversity
  • Be a Submarine Pilot
  • Swim in a Kelp Forest
  • Invertebrates of the Sea
  • Coral Reef Living
  • Sea Animals with Backbones
  • Wacky, Weird, Crusty Crustaceans

As you watch, you'll encounter all kinds of ocean wonders: harp snail, sea urchin, coral, kelp, marine iguana, octopus, parrot fish, hermit crab, prickly shark, moray eel, sea lion, and tons of other living creatures. You'll learn fascinating facts throughout your adventure.

My boys thought the video was interesting and informative. They told me various fun facts they day after they viewed it. It also left them asking questions which made me happy because I love it when curiosity is stirred up

Since Simon was most enamored with these videos, I reviewed the PK-K instructor guide (but there is also one for grades 1-3). The guide is ginormous (300 pages!) and includes lessons for each chapter of the DVD. This would be great for a co-op class. Of course, you could also pick and choose to make your own ocean unit study at home. It contains: 

  • lesson plans
  • varied activities (activity stations)
  • lesson extensions
  • book lists and websites 
  • black and white printables (including a journal page)
  • character education 

One of my favorite activities from the guide was "Taxonomy." Students are given a pile of shoes and they have to determine how to sort the shoes scientifically. They must be able to explain their method of sorting. What an easy-to-implement idea to help younger students understand how animals are grouped by similar qualities.

Another, more craft activity in the Educators Guide was to help students understand diversity — "No Two Are Alike!" Each student is given a pattern (provided) and creates a unique, beautiful fish. Again, a simple idea helping students to grasp a big concept. 

Ocean Annie offers three different award winning videos: What Makes a Fish, A FishWho Lives in the Sea?; and Dive Into Diversity. Each one is $19.95. If you purchase a DVD, let Annie know (in the comments) that you'd like the PDF version of the Educator Guide, and she will send it to you for free (regular price is $69.95)! 

Read what other crew members are saying about other Dive Into Your Imagination videos on the TOS blog. If you decide to buy one, shipping is free! 


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Dive Into Diversity in exchange for an honest review.  

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