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Heritage History Review

One simple CD.

Elijah wanted to learn about Ancient Greece.

He's been asking and asking and asking.

But I hadn't take the time to find quality, living books for him.

So he's been waiting and waiting and waiting.

And then I found Heritage History.

One simple $25 CD complete with 46 good books. 

I did the math. That's 54¢ per book. Wahoo!

The books come in three formats. I used the MOBI files and uploaded them to Elijah's Kindle.

The CD isn't just books. It also includes more than 50 maps, teaching aids, and a 90+ page study guide

The guide makes finding the selections for your student's level easy. 

I printed the book lists, looked at the recommended age ranges, and highlighted the books we'd read (green = core selections Elijah was required to read; orange = supplemental selections Elijah could choose from, and yellow = books I would read aloud).

He started reading.

He's still reading.

When he finishes a book, he narrates it to me. Then he reads the next book. Simple. 

Elijah narrated the Odyssey for Boys and Girls at dinner the other night. Simon was mesmerized by Elijah's retelling. After Elijah finished, Simon went over to the bookcase and started looking for the book, begging me to read him the story!  I guess I'll need to upload more Greek stories to my Kindle.

This is our kind of history. No textbook. No worksheets. Just captivating stories written by classical scholars. 

It's flexible. Use the program in your own way.

It's easy. Load the books on your eReader (or print them) and go!

It's convenient. All the books stay together, and you don't have to store them on your already-overloaded bookcase.

It's rich. Classic, living literature. The books are mom-approved. The books are kid-approved.

It's affordable. The CDs range in price from $19.99 to $24.99. And right now there is a Spring Curriculum Sale–buy two CDs, get a third free!

It's comprehensive. My son is experiencing Greek myths, Greek history, Greek heroes and historical figures. It would take me hours to put this together, but I don't have to because it's already done for me on

One simple CD.


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Disclaimer: I received a free Heritage History Ancient Greece Curriculum CD  in exchange for an honest review.  

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