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I See Sam ~ TOS Crew Review

I have a little reader.

He loves to read little books.

And he really loves to read I See Sam books. Because they crack him up.

Not just a giggle or two. I'm talking full-on belly laugh.

The person behind the illustrations in these books is a smarty-pants. 

I like these books, too . . . 

even though they use the same words over and over and over again.

Because the best way to become a better reader is to read

and read

and read

and read.

Is there anything I don't like about these books?

Well . . .

the pages are super thin and flimsy.

Not great when your kids want to read them over and over and over again.

And I think they are a little on the expensive side ($30 for each set with 10-27 books in each set).

But I'll be buying more sets.

Because this little guy

is learning to LOVE to read.

And that's priceless.


We received Sets 1 and 2 for review. Simon started in Set 1 Book 1. Simon is currently in Set 1 Book 9, and he is reading text like this: See me. Meet me. Meet me. I am Mit. See me. I sit in it.

Each book includes sound practice and word practice before the student starts reading. As the student reads, there are comprehension questions for the parent to ask as well as little reminders to give your child praise when he finishes a page. At the end of the book, there is a coming attractions section to prepare the student for the new words in the next book. Once the student has mastered the book (read it fluidly twice), you move on to the next book. This simple method with lots of practice and ample repetition has built Simon's reading confidence!

You can visit Academic Success for All Learners to find out more about the I See Sam Little Books created for kids reading on a K-3rd level. Don't miss the free resources (you can even view a sample book)!

Read what other crew members are saying about Little Books on the TOS blog.


Disclaimer #1: I received Little Books Sets 1 and 2 for free in exchange for an honest review.

Disclaimer #2: My son woke up and got dressed in {clean} pajama pants. 

3 Responses to I See Sam ~ TOS Crew Review

  • ella says:

    These look great, thanks for the review, i’m going to definitely give them a go as well, he looks like he is enjoying himself so much hehehe, that makes all the difference :)
    ella recently posted..How to Achieve Your GoalsMy Profile

  • Wendy R says:

    What a fun review to read/view! :-) My youngest has certainly been enjoying I See Sam, too, and is so proud of himself for being able to read those little books!! :-)
    Wendy R recently posted..TOS Review: Action AlertMy Profile

  • Megan Roberts says:

    Thanks for sharing about this resource. I also want to recommend the Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems. The books use few words, but they are not as repetitive as early readers. The plots are also hilarious.

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