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Got Candy? (Part 2)

Six more boxes full of sweet fun today!

Box #1
Elijah and I did another graph.  We polled friends & family members (via Facebook)  to find out their favorite kind of candy.  

I printed off all the data for Elijah to compile and chart.    

After Elijah finished with his bar graph, I took him to Create A Graph where we made a line graph and a pie graph.  

Box #2

Psalm 34:8 copywork 

Box #3
Story Problems (with a treat tucked in the box!)  You might need to create your own problems to fit your students' current math level. 

Box #4

We read "Circle of Sun" from the Here's a Little Poem poetry anthology.  We discussed list poems, alliteration, repetition (the -ing words), and rhyme.  I had Elijah list all the words he could think of that related to candy while I recorded them for him.

After we had a good list, we went to the computer to compose a list poem.  I asked him how he wanted to start the poem.  I asked him to find words that were similar (referring back to the alliteration, repetition, and rhyme).  I asked him what phrases he thought sounded good together.  I kept asking questions to make him think about how he wanted to construct the poem.  I helped him here and there, but this is mostly his own work.  

I helped him group the words together, and here is his finished poem:



Mouth watering
Tooth rotting

Blue, yellow, red
Green, purple, orange
For breakfast, lunch, dinner


Lick-able lemon lollipops
Bubble-blowing gum
The bigger the better


Oh no! 
Stomach ache

Science Experiment #3-
Chromatography (color separation)

We only used the brown M&M's for this.

It worked!  The brown separated into a rainbow of colors!

Box #6
Science Experiment #4- Dissolving Hot/Cold 

We used boiling water for the hot water.  The Milkduds dissolved very quickly!   This was a simple (but effective) experiment.

Here are the printables
we used today.  

Do you need more ideas for Candy School?  

~play Candyland
~set up Candy Shop; we will be doing this in the days to come…I am stashing candy away just for this purpose
Write a story — "Chocolate for Lunch"
~make M&M pancakes for breakfast or lunch
~use M&M's or Skittles to make an artistic mosaic
~estimate how much candy you have then count it.  Figure out how close you were to the actual amount.  
~complete more Candy Experiments
~Hang out at 
Wonka Land

~compare & contrast the amount of sugar in different kinds of candy; graph or chart the information
~review the Food Pyramid and discuss why we should limit sweet treats
~use different candy shapes to make caramel apples with funny faces
~make candy jewelry – for your preschooler, start a pattern for her to finish

If you decide to do candy school at your house, I'd love to hear about it.  Please leave a comment or a link!

Happy Candy-Schooling!

Got Candy? (Part 1)

Many of us probably have a stash of candy right about now.  Whether it's from trick-or-treating, a harvest party, or well intending grandparents, we have it . . . and we need to find something constructive to do with it. 

Have you considered Candy School?  

Jocelyn posted a link on the Homeschool Share Message boards that got me thinking.  If you can use candy for science, why can't you use it for the other subjects, too? 

So, the wheels kept turning;  I thought up a few ideas and made a few printables.  When I told Elijah we would do candy school for two days, his mouth dropped and his eyes bugged.  I think he was sold.

I filled up six workboxes this morning with some candy related fun.   Here's what Elijah found in his boxes.

Box #1 
fairy tale book & instructions to read Hansel and Gretel

Box #2

candy graph & candy 

Box #3
"If Peas Could Taste Like Candy" poem for copywork.   I left one stanza out (the third) because I couldn't fit all four on the page.  Elijah couldn't stop laughing while copying this one.  

Box #4

Hershey Fraction book & a Hershey bar

Boxes #5-#6 
candy science experiments

We did these two experiments:
1.  Acid Test
2.  Sink or Float

After school was over, I let Elijah hang out at  Wonka Land— creative fun just waiting to happen. 

Tomorrow, I will post Candy School Part 2 along with some additional ideas for you.   Here is a little list of books you could include, if you want.  I haven't read them all, so please preview before using.

Books to Read
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
Shelia Rae's Peppermint Stick by Kevin Henkes
Candy Factory Mystery (Boxcar Children)
Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Workbox Reading

I have a serious reader on my hands; the only problem is that he wants to read the same genre 90% of the time– mystery books.  I decided that I would fill a workbox with books.  Some of the books are books he wants to read; some of the books are books I want him to read.  He chooses one book each day to read, and he can choose in ANY order he wants, but I’m not refilling the box until it’s empty.    Completely empty.

So, this is one box I only have to fill once per week!   Works for me!  :)