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We’re Going on a Word Hunt

Simon loves to look for things; it's fun for him. I like to capitalize on fun, so I created a few word hunts to help him learn some sight words (and to aid in practicing tally marks). 

Here's what I did for this activity:

1. I wrote all the words on sticky notes and stuck them all over the living and dining rooms.
2. I attached a word hunt page (see printables below) to a clip-board. We read through the words together. We read through the words again. 
3. Simon hunted through the rooms for the words. 
4. He made tally marks on the page as he found each word. 
5. We looked at the tally marks and determined which word he found the most, which word he found the least, and we read all the words again. 
6. When we were finished, I stuck all the post-it notes together (so we can use them again soon). 

You can download the word hunt pages by clicking on the image below. I hope to have another batch of these to share soon!

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