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preschool activity bags

Sparkly Jewel Sorting Preschool Bag

Last week I shared a simple preschool bag activity, Pretty Princess Beads. I have made several bags in the past week in preparation for our trip, and I want to share another super simple one today. Simple means it took ten minutes to put together. Hooray for simple!

Sparkly Jewel Sorting Preschool Busy Bag

I purchased a large container of "gems" at Hobby Lobby (also half price last week, about $7). I also purchased some pieces of felt for .25 each. I used each piece for three different preschool activity bags, so that was a bargain. 

I cut a rectangle (probably 6 inches by 4 inches) from each felt color.

Gem Sorting Preschool Bag

Then I dumped the jewels out and found coordinating colors. 

Sparkly Jewel Sorting Preschool Activity Bag

I bagged each color in its own bitty jewelry bag. I did this because I want to control how many colors we introduce Sweet Girl to at one time, so we don't overwhelm her. 

Gem Sorting Preschool Activity Bag

Then I put the felt squares and the bitty bags of gems into a Ziploc. Super simple.

This activity is good for:

  • Sorting
  • Introducing Colors
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Counting (when finished, count the number of gems on each felt piece)
  • You could also sort the pieces by shape instead of color, if desired.

​Have fun!

Looking for more preschool busy bag ideas? That's fantastic because my #1 viewed post is The Ultimate Guide to Preschool Busy Bags! So, go look. 

Preschool Busy Bag Activity Board on Pinterest copy

Pretty Princess Beads Preschool Bag

Pretty Princess Beads Preschool Bag

I started to brainstorm yesterday for a few simple (I can't really emphasize that word enough) busy bags I could take with me to Ecuador. Since my brain juice is running on low, I resorted to an old standby that Simon played with more times than I can tell. He had a bag with pipecleaners and beads. If I remember right, the beads were dolphins and other cute sea creatures. 

Well, it's long gone. And I am all on the big pink girly-girl band wagon right now. You should expect nothing less from a mom who has been buying boy clothes and toys for almost 13 years. I never, ever thought I'd have a daughter. Now that I'm standing right on the brink of bringing Sweet Girl home, well, it's like I swallowed the Pinkalicious book or something. 

You only need two things for this busy bag: pipecleaners and beads.

Supplies for Princess Beads Busy Bag

I spent $6 on beads at Hobby Lobby (1/2 price this week). I'm not counting the cost on the pipe cleaners. These poor pink pipe cleaners have been hanging out in the craft box for years.

What's the purpose of this pinkness?

Princess Beads Preschool Busy Bag

  • This activity bag increases fine motor skills.
  • You can use the manipulatives for pattern making.
  • You can sort the beads by size (small and large) or even color on to pipe cleaners.
  • And, my favorite, it's an easy way to make some accessories for dress-up. Just twist the pipe cleaner into a circle, and you have a super cute bracelet. 

Pretty Princess Beads Preschool Busy Bag

Looking for more preschool busy bag ideas? That's fantastic because my #1 viewed post is The Ultimate Guide to Preschool Busy Bags! So, go look. 

P.S. I know this is a choking risk for youngers, so use common sense. No pongas eso en tu boca por favor. (And that little bit of Spanish may have taken every drop of brain juice I had left.) Audios

P.S. S. You can find all of my Preschool Activity Bag ideas here on the blog, and you can also check out my Pinterest Board.

Preschool Busy Bag Activity Board on Pinterest copy

Ultimate Guide to Preschool Busy Bags

Preschool Busy Bags and Activity Bags Idea List from Walking by the Way

What Are Busy Bags?

Busy Bags are ready-to-go activities for your toddler or preschool. Read more.

Busy Bag Storage

I kept mine in a large plastic container with dividers. Here are a few links with photos of how others stay organized

Zipper Pouches at The Princess and the Tot

A Busy Bag for Busy Bags at Life:Styled

On a Shelf and In a Tub at Our Journey Westward

Hosting a Busy Bag Exchange

If you buy the Preschool Activity Bag book, you will be given all sorts of tips and tricks for hosting a swap. I've hosted one before, and it's not too hard. The reward (coming home with TWENTY new bags) is completely worth the work! 

Tips and Ideas from Second Story Window

Ideas for Swaps for Different Ages

The rest of this post is dedicated to providing you with gobs and gobs of ideas for creating your own Preschool Busy Bags. Have fun!


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photo credit: Tired, Need Sleep Blog

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Preschool Busy Bag Activity Board on Pinterest copy

Would you like your Busy Bag idea to be included in this list? Please comment below, and I will get it added!

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